Announcement for the establishment of FIL

A team of lawyers who specialise on insurance law have established a union, under the name of Forum of Insurance Lawyers  – FIL.

FIL is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation of lawyers and law firms which aims, among others, to contribute through its actions towards the safeguarding, development, monitoring, growth and implementation of the insurance principles and other relevant aspects of the law, as well as the preservation and protection of the interests of physical persons or parties who face or are involved in any  court or other type of proceedings, which concern insurance law or related areas of insurance law.

Further, FIL, will focus on research and promotion of positions and proposals targeting the improvement of procedures and practices that apply to claims and affect the rights of persons, as well as research to identify legal and procedural gaps in the provisions of primary/secondary legislation which is applicable from time to time to such cases.  FIL will also promote optimal practices for the defense or promotion of claims and the development of the law in matters which relate, or affect insurance law and other related areas of law, as well as the rights of the insured and insurance companies.  In the same way, FIL will focus in providing systematic and continuous  information to its members in relation to the development of case law and legislation on insurance law matters. 

Inspired by ideas and values founded on professionalism, honesty, objectivity and guided by the interest of its members in promoting its goals, FIL seeks to contribute, with all available means, towards the improvement of the level of legal practice and correcting the administration of justice.