Seminar organised by the Insurance Association of Cyprus (IAC)

Great interest from executives of insurance companies gathered the Educational Workshop organized on 04/04/2023, by the Association of Insurance Companies of Cyprus (IAC).

The topic of the workshop was the New Rules of Civil Procedure (CPRs) that will enter into force the following September.

Speakers of the educational part of the workshop were representatives of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers, namely Michalis Philippou from Haviaras & Philippou L. L. C., Nicolas Kyriakides from Harris Kyriakides L. L. C., and Avgerinos Hartsiotis from Marios Hartsiotis & Co L. L. C.

In his speech, the General Manager of the Association, Mr. Andreas Athanasiadis, expressed his certainty that these regulations will help companies and industry in general to cope with the great difficulty called the judicial system in Cyprus and that those who attended this conference will come out wiser at the end of the day. Mr. Anastasiades began by realizing that the only constant that exists in the insurance industry is change, since changes are constantly occurring in the regulatory framework, whether this is insurance legislation, legislation related to transport or others. He stressed that through the flexibility that characterizes the insurance industry and the composition of its people with different skills, it manages to cope with constant changes.

At the beginning of the educational program of the workshop, Mr. Michalis Philippou, on behalf of FIL, said that the FIL started its operation in 2021 on their involvement in the field of insurance law where they had identified a number of issues that they felt needed to be addressed. The aim is to educate, inform and cooperate with its members on issues related to case management in the insurance sector and progressively to promote ideas aiming at best practice in cases that they concern the insurance sector but also suggestions for improving the provisions of relevant legislation that professionally affect our sector.

In this context, Mr. Philippou said, they have sought and succeeded in expanding their cooperation with other international organizations, while the Cyprus Bar Association has approved the participation of the Forum as a committee that participates in insurance law issues that will further promote the activities they want to achieve.

The effort of this workshop, Mr. Philippou said, was the effort of a first reading of the civil procedure rules, which affect claims relating to body injuries. The first part of the workshop included a general description of the rules that concern and affect the insurance industry, followed by the description and explanation of the relevant protocols, parts and forms. Questions from the attendees followed, while in the second part of the training there was a practical workshop where participants were divided into groups and studied specific training scenarios where they needed to apply everything, they learned in the first part of the conference.

Article taken by Cyprus Insurance News, the full article in Greek can be found here: Εκπαιδεύτηκαν στους Νέους Κανονισμούς Πολιτικής Δικονομίας τα στελέχη της ασφαλιστικής αγοράς! Άκρως πετυχημένη η εκπαιδευτική ημερίδα του ΣΑΕΚ! – Cyprus Insurance News